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Lutz Augustin

I was born in 1980. After finishing secondary school at the cooperative comprehensive school, I completed an apprenticeship as a central ventilation and heating engineer.

During my apprenticeship I realized that this was not my destiny, so I created a second mainstay and started as a self-employed person after finishing my apprenticeship. Due to a serious car accident and the resulting physical deficits, I had to realize that I could no longer maintain my independence.

This created great psychological problems and I fled into the use of illegal substances.

Fate was kind to me, I overcame my dependence, became the father of two wonderful daughters and worked in a leading position in the mineral oil industry until the end of 2019.

For years I had been willing to do something good and so it happened that our paths of suffering crossed and we considered our ideas in a joint stay in hospital. "It was brilliant how our ideas led to this wonderful enterprise".

My main motive for starting this company is easily explained.

We are one world! Boundaries only exist if we create them. I will spend my energy to break the boundaries of silence and condemnation, and to end the stigmatization of mentally ill people! "Get out of the grey area".



Moin moin!
I am Ylva and was born in Wilhelmshaven in 1999 and moved to Bremen in the summer of 2020 for my studies. Through my studies I am on the best way to become a social worker.

Before that I did a lot in the arts and also learned through the arts what skills are and how best to use them when under stress.

I would like to pass this on, gladly also via social media!
For my age, I already have some experience in dealing with mentally ill people, and I would like to contribute and use this experience. My most important concern is to contribute to the destigmatization of mental illness and to help people get back on their feet.

I like to take advantage of my age by assisting younger sufferers, and I also like to answer questions on social media, and help raise awareness.

With questions, suggestions or other things I am to you/you gladly with e-mail at the disposal:


Accounting | ZAHLENWERK

Valentina Fudimowski

Hi, I'm Valentina, born in Kazakhstan in 1985 and now a citizen of Bremen by choice.

In the entrepreneurial field, I look after the company Depression Loose - Soul Wins as a self-employed certified accountant.

You can reach me for the company at:

Or for your personal request at: fudimowski@datac.de


Cooperation | Supervision

Thomas Menzer

Born in 1967, studied nursing education and politics, trained as a health care and nursing assistant. Experience in clinical and outpatient psychiatric settings, teacher at nursing schools. Supervisor studies at the University of Hanover with a systemic integrative focus.

I supervise the company in the High Seven team & in supervision for the umbrella platform of mental health

You can reach me at: thomas@depression-loose.com

Or for your personal request in terms of supervision, please contact us at: Thomas.menzer@gmx.de


IT | Administrator


My name is Jan and I was born in Achim in 1987 and now I'm a Lower Saxon by choice.

After my successful training as an IT specialist with a specialisation in application development, I am responsible in the company as an admin and for the technical planning of the implementation of the databases in the company.

For technical questions, please contact us via:


For databases & cooperation with interface connections you can reach me via: Jan@depression-loose.com

Sven | Podcast | Moderator | Founder SemiCOOLon Project


Hi, I was born Sven in 1975 and live in beautiful Walsrode.

As a trained businessman, communication is in my blood, and so I am

As the founder of the Semicoolon Project podcast and in cooperation with the

Ylva in the Depression Loose-Soul Wins team as a moderator and leader in the podcast field.

For the podcast Ylva and Sven contact via: ylva.sven@depression-loose.com

Or for the SemiCoolon Project at: sven@semicoolonproject.de to me.


Empowerment | Founder of Depribuddy


Hello, I am Alexander, born in 1981. Professionally, I'm a doctor and founder of Depribuddy, the empowerment platform, and I live in beautiful Greifswald.

For questions around the topic of empowerment you can reach me at:


Or at: depribuddy@gmail.com



Hi Community,

I'm Nick and I was born in Braunschweig in 1992. After my studies as a photo designer I started my own business in the field of social media & e-commerce marketing.

I manage the brand Depression Loose-Soul Wins in the design of the brand and am responsible for the social media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in the design.
I am also responsible for the social media of the international brand Depression Loose-Soul Wins Umbrella Company of Mental Health for Europe.
If you have any theme requests or a request for a guest post on our social media, please write to me at

Social media lives for stop mental health stigma!

Your Nick

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