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"You are not a diagnosis, you are a human being!"

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Our exclusive My Why Chat for sufferers! Exchange ideas in topic-specific groups, share your experience or ask others for advice.


Need professional help? Our database with over 31,ooo entries shows you professional help. Near you. For your problem.


In our media library you will find current, exciting content on the topic of mental health: exclusive podcast, news blog, video library & more!

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Diseases | Therapy

Find out what mental illnesses are, what makes them tick and how they are treated today according to modern standards.


In our own podcast and that of our partner SemiCoolon, you can get helpful tips on dealing with mental illness.


Children of mentally ill parents need support. Find out more about the multifamily therapy services offered by our partner Kidstime.

Video library

We have put together a video library with helpful videos on the topic of mental health for you to find out more.


We have developed our own app, Why Chat, for affected people to share their experiences. Our partners Mindable and 7Mind also offer great apps.

Artists | Creatives

Sending light into the depth of the human heart - the artist's profession! Art can therefore be an important contribution to your mental health. Our database with serious artists.

Self-help groups

Find suitable self-help groups in your area. We are working on expanding the database regionally.

Housing market

Database with residential facilities for affected persons. Find the right facility in your region now.

Healthformers Magazine

Our exclusive positive mindset magazine"Healthformers" for health, fitness, lifestyle & psychology.

My Why Chat

The first social chat that connects the world.

Our exclusive chat for sufferers! Exchange information in topic-specific groups, share your experience or ask others for advice.

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Central idea

Empowerment is what drives us!

Self-affected people with mental illness help those affected, break down barriers and create a great community in the long run, as a whole part in our society.

For this purpose, we provide a chat community for exchange, a professional database and a media library with exciting content on this platform for members.

You've come to the right place!

We want to bring the topic of "mental illness" out of the taboo zone.

"You're not a diagnosis, you're a person."

That's our prime motive. No one should be stigmatized because of a mental illness.

In Europe there are approximately 84 million people with a mental illness or disability.

Our offer is directed at these people, their relatives and all helpers!

We are non-partisan, non-denominational and intercultural.

We are committed to people with mental illnesses, would like to achieve social
changes for these people, create social help offers, as well as support. In addition, we want to educate about how illnesses manifest themselves and what we can do as a society as a whole to ensure that no one is excluded from society!


Our goals are:

Psychiatric help must be oriented to the person and not to the diagnosis or a flat rate per case!

Psychiatric help must listen to those affected and, in the spirit of the recovery model, emphasize the recovery potential of those affected!

Social publications around the topic "mental illness or impairment" should be published on the social media and explained in an easily understandable way!

Clinics, health insurance companies and authorities, are treated by us in an appreciative manner and are not publicly criticised. We approach the above-mentioned institutions and authorities openly and seek dialogue!

The aim is to create a community community that introduces itself to society and that excludes no one who feels honestly connected to it.

Importance of Depression Loose - Soul Wins

To lose depression...; then your soul wins = To lose depression...; then your soul wins.

Looking ahead, good friends*, a strong family support, faith, time and a community that stands together. There are many pieces of the mosaic from which the image of a strong soul emerges in the end.

"You're not a diagnosis, you're human!"

Our guiding theme "You are not a diagnosis, you are a person" is a deeply personal, unique process of change in attitude, values, feelings, goals, skills and roles. It is a path to a satisfying, hopeful and constructive life, despite the limitations that a mental illness or impairment can bring". Because you are a human being even with a diagnosis...

 That's what our name stands for:

Depression Loose - Soul Wins